Caught On Doorbell Cam: Milwaukee Man Casually Walks Up & Shoots Up A Woman’s House While Kids Inside In Broad Daylight!

A Milwaukee mom says she can no longer go inside the house she once called home after it was shot at multiple times by a man she didn’t know in broad daylight. “I don’t think that I’ll ever feel safe there again.” Too afraid to show her face on camera or even share her name, the owner of a Milwaukee home, that’s now covered in bullet holes, shared chilling video footage of the shooting. It was caught entirely on her doorbell camera. “I’m distraught, I’m terrified, I just don’t feel safe.”

It happened Monday afternoon in a neighborhood along north 17th street. According to the victim, she had the day off from work and was upstairs listening to music while she cleaned. Her 14-year-old daughter and 2-year-old twin grandsons were also upstairs asleep. That was until her daughter heard a loud noise. The 46-year-old Milwaukee man suspected in this incident was arrested on Friday, according to Milwaukee police. Criminal charges will be referred to the district attorney’s office soon, police said.
Posted by CZ

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