Coward Cop: Woman Gets Repeatedly Beaten By Police During Her Arrest After Incident Over Missing Cheese At McDonalds!

An Ohio woman, made a complaint about the extra slice of cheese missing on her Big Mac. Things escalated to the point where one cop is seen on video punching her multiple times. According to TMZ, Latinka Hancock is the woman in the video police attempted to detain on Monday in Butler Township, Ohio. First you hear some arguing, then one of the cops punches her several times. While people in the fast food establishment are trying to decipher what’s happening.

During an interview with TMZ, Hancock’s attorney, Michael Wright of Wright & Schulte, says the incident began after Hancock purchased a Big Mac with extra cheese. When she received her burger she claimed the extra cheese was missing. Employees called the police on her after things escalated quickly. She claims she was confronted by Butler Township PD while she was trying to leave. Wright says his client Hancock was punched multiple times, and was sent to the hospital, where she was discovered she suffered a head injury from the incident.
Posted by CZ

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