Crazy: Video From Inside Cockpit Shows Moment Two Helicopters Collided Mid-Air At Sea World In Australia, Killing 4 People!

On 2 January 2023, at approximately 1:59 pm AEST, two helicopters operated by Sea World Helicopters collided mid-air below 150 meters whilst one was attempting to land and the other departing from a helipad at Sea World theme park. Both helicopters were undertaking tourist trips for park-goers along the Gold Coast Broadwater, although the operator is not associated with the theme park.

Less than a minute after take-off, the departing helicopter (registration VH-XKQ)was struck in the tail by an arriving helicopter (registration VH-XH9). This resulted in the departing helicopter’s main rotor blades and gearbox separating, causing the helicopter to crash on a sandbar, killing four on board including the pilot and leaving three in critical condition. The arriving helicopter was able to stabilize itself after the collision and successfully perform an emergency landing on the same sandbar with substantial damage. All six on board survived without critical injury, with five of the six survivors on the arriving helicopter suffering minor glass shrapnel wounds from the shattered cockpit windshield.
Posted by CZ

via WorldStarHipHop Media Player


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