ZoeTalesByLonzoeYoung – (S1:Ep2) Story of Samson [Sponsored]

As the strongest man in the ancient world, Will
Samson be able to overcome his weakness (the op’s
women) in order to fulfill his God’s appointed mission
of rescuing his people from the op’s oppression

A short film webisode series based on historical/biblical/ancient events, narrated in rhythmic urban poetic fashion. Historical stories for kids AND adults. For ALL
demographics, no matter what age, race, religion/non-
religion, gender, sexual orientation, economic/social
status, political stance, job description, country you’re
from, etc. Everyone is welcome. Like, Share, Comment, & Subscribe. Follow all accounts for free
giveaways. New Episodes after every 100k views on YouTube. ©TM

via WorldStarHipHop Media Player https://ift.tt/GO07imN



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