Rare Footage: This Is The Amazing Moment Newborn Twins Were Born Still Inside Their Amniotic Sacs!

Fewer than one in 80,000 babies are born ‘en caul’ – when the amniotic sac (bubble of protective membranes) that surrounds a fetus during pregnancy remains unbroken. The sac usually breaks at the beginning of labour. But in this case, doctors had to open the sacs with their hands.

Amniotomy (an artificial rupture of membranes) is the procedure done by which the amniotic sac is deliberately ruptured so as to cause the release of amniotic fluid. Amniotomy is usually performed for the purpose of inducing or expediting labor.

In the footage, the twins can be seen encased in their sacs, meanwhile as the medical team gently pull them open, they begin to break free for themselves.
Video by @dremiliogaravini. Posted by PSmooth

via WorldStarHipHop Media Player https://ift.tt/0DtW6rM



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