You Going To Jail Now: 19-Year-Old Arrested After She Jumped Over McDonald’s Counter And Made Herself A Burger!

This McDonald’s meal came with additional charges. A woman has been arrested after she was seen in a viral tiktok video screaming at McDonald’s staff before jumping the counter and making herself a burger. The 19-year-old — who has not been publicly named and shamed — was subsequently charged with disorderly behavior, property damage and assault over the incident, which occurred in Adelaide, Australia, last week. The cause of the crop top-clad customer’s outburst was unclear, but the TikTok clip showed her hurling abuse at stunned employees. “I will beat you up or I will leave!” the unruly patron can be seen shouting in the video, which has clocked more than 75,000 views. The woman then wanders into the back kitchen, where she nonsensically screams at more staff before making herself a burger. She later helps herself to a bottle of water from inside a refrigerator before eventually being detained by two cops.
Posted by CZ

via WorldStarHipHop Media Player


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