Damn: Woman Fatally Shot By 2 Hitmen In Costa Rica! (*Warning* Graphic)

A woman preliminarily identified as Claudia Melissa Araya Varela, 30, died after a man shot her while she was inside a vehicle in front of a convenience store in Ciudad Quesada, San Carlos.

Apparently, the deceased was a neighbor of Florencia in San Carlos, she was traveling in her car with a man and in order to make a purchase at the establishment they stopped.

The companion got out and entered the store. When he was inside, another car parked up to where the female was, the executioner took out his weapon and detonated it.

The Red Cross paramedics found three shots in her body, two in the chest and one in the face, which killed her instantly. After the plummets, the locals alerted the authorities through the 9-1-1 Emergency System.

The officers cordoned off the perimeter and located some shell casings.

They also deployed uniformed officers throughout the area to try to find the car involved in Araya’s murder.

Agents from the Investigation Agency (OIJ) found approximately 15 shell casings and lifted them up for a forensic study.

Minutes later, they extracted the woman’s body and took it to the forensic medicine for autopsy, as well as an exhaustive inspection.

It is presumed that the thirty-year-old had some outstanding debt and that would be the cause of the crime. At the moment they are investigating the mobile.

It transpired that the target was in that area visiting relatives. Posted By Ghost

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