Why You Should Stay Strapped: Armed Man Pretending To Deliver Pizza Assaults Homeowner Before Forcing His Way In!

RIO GRANDE CITY, Texas (ValleyCentral) — The Starr County Sheriff’s Office is searching for two suspects after a man holding a pizza box and handgun forced his way into a person’s home. The sheriff’s office said the incident occurred Thursday at about 9:38 p.m. at a residence on Navajo Street and Alvarez Road.

The deputies made contact with a 24-year-old man who said he heard loud knocking on the front door. When he opened the door, he saw a man carrying a Pizza Hut box and a handgun, according to the sheriff’s office. The man with the pizza box then pushed the resident inside the home and a struggle began. According to authorities, several rounds were discharged during the struggle.

“Several other individuals entered the home and tied his wrists together with zip ties,” a post from the Starr County Sheriff’s Office stated. The suspects were seen driving off on a white Dodge Challenger with a white window sticker on the rear window, the sheriff’s office said. One of the suspects was described as wearing light blue jeans, a blue striped polo shirt, a light grey jacket, and a red or orange ski mask.
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