GloRilla Tapped as Audiomack’s Latest #UpNow Artist

GloRilla Tapped as Audiomack's Latest #UpNow Artist

GloRilla was announced by Audiomack as its newest #UpNow artist.

GloRilla will be promoted across the platform’s channels with specific marketing, editorial, social support, playlisting, custom videos, and placement on the cover of Audiomack’s coveted #UpNow playlist.

The recognition comes after the CMG signee released her debut EP,
Anyways, Life’s Great…, which includes standout singles such as “Tomorrow 2 (feat Cardi B)” and “Nut Quick,” among others.

“I’m honored to be an Audiomack #UpNow artist,” GloRilla said. “They’ve played an important role in helping me connect with fans in a new way. I appreciate the Audiomack team for always showing love and look forward to building with them more in the future.” 

“GloRilla is a natural born star and we’re very proud to recognize her as our latest #UpNow artist,” Audiomack SVP of Marketing and Brand Strategy Jason Johnson said. “She’s had an unprecedented rise ever since her first upload in 2019 and shows no sign of slowing down. We’re thrilled to watch and support the trajectory of her bright career.” 

Elsewhere, GloRilla was nominated for a Grammy.

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