Meanwhile In Buffalo, NY: Security Guard Tackles An Active Shooter Who Fired Shots With AR-15 Style Rifle Inside Drug Clinic!

BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB) – A man with a rifle fired shots inside a substance abuse treatment facility on Buffalo’s West Side Thursday morning, Buffalo Police confirmed, adding that no one was hit by gunfire inside the clinic. A police spokesperson said they believe the incident was an attempted robbery tied to drug activity that was connected to a separate shooting earlier Thursday.

Police Commissioner Joseph Gramaglia said a security guard at the Alba de Vida substance abuse treatment facility tackled the shooter and was able to apprehend him with the help of a second guard until police arrived. Police said the man fired a shot at a wall in the check-in area of the clinic before he was engaged by the guards. During a struggle, additional shots were discharged. Gramaglia said the gun the man had was an AR-15 style rifle and the magazine was larger than allowed by law.
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