Soulja Boy Vows To Be The First Rapper To Start A Social Media App After Frustrations With Elon Musk

Soulja Boy Millennium Tour

Elon Musk has been scrutinized for his handling of Twitter since purchasing the social media app for $44 billion last month. Since he has taken over the social media company, he has fired top executives, fired half of the 7,500 employees, and lessened restrictions across the board. Many have not been too happy with Musk’s decisions, and one of those people is Soulja Boy.

Ironically, despite his grievances with Elon Musk, the “Pretty Boy Swag” rapper took to Twitter to air out his frustrations with Musk and say that he would be creating his own social media platform.

“Bro leave twitter alone @elonmusk wtf are you doing,” Soulja tweeted. “Wow… I can’t believe this. Fuck it I’m going to create my own app.” “Bye twitter,” he added, “catch me on instagram until my app launches.”

This would continue Soulja Boy’s string of business ventures and would probably make him the first rapper to create their own social media company.

Muskk purchased Twitter for $44 million last month, after initally backing out of the deal earlier this year, but went forward with the purchase after being sued by Twitter for backing out of the deal. Musk intends on making his $44 billion investment back even if that means laying off workers and instituting a “Twitter Blue” plan where users can buy a Twitter verification for $8 per month. However, after only a week of availability, Twitter stripped the paid verification system.

“We just definitely need to bring in more cash than we spend,” Musk said according to The Verge. “If we don’t do that and there’s a massive negative cash flow, then bankruptcy is not out of the question. That is a priority. We can’t scale to 1 billion users and take massive losses along the way. That’s not feasible. I don’t think we will.”

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