Cops Arrest Legally Blind Man After Mistaking His Folded Cane For A Gun!

Police arrested a legally blind man in Florida after they mistook his cane for a weapon, prompting the sheriff’s office to investigate and temporarily suspend the deputies involved for their behavior.

The man arrested, James Hodges, has filed a formal complaint against the Columbia County (Fla.) Sheriff’s Office, a spokesperson with the office told USA TODAY. The involved officers were Deputy Jayme Gohde and her supervisor Sgt. Randy Harrison, the spokesperson said.

Sheriff Mark Hunter said he was “troubled” by what he saw in the bodycam footage of the incident in a statement released by the sheriff’s office on Monday. Hunter also released a video statement on Tuesday and said the deputy involved will be suspended without pay for two days. Her supervisor will be demoted immediately, suspended without pay for seven days, and won’t be eligible for any “favorable action for two years,” Hunter said. Posted By PSmooth

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