SOURCE SPORTS: Lakers Coach Darvin Ham Says Team Will ‘Turn the Corner’

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With the Los Angeles Lakers in a 2-8 hole and sitting second to last in the Western Conference, head coach Darvin Ham remains steadfast in a turnaround for this season.

Following a 139-116 loss to the Utah Jazz without LeBron James, Ham spoke to the media and told them to quote it.

“I would say this, man. And write it, quote it, however,” Ham said, according to ESPN. “This may be happening now at the outset of what we’re trying to force to be a culture change in terms of getting us back to being highly competitive on a highly consistent basis, but it’s not going to always be like this.

“We’re going to turn the corner. I didn’t come here to lose. They didn’t bring me here to lose.”

Ham spoke about the process and stated that he wants to embrace it. “I want to bottle this up. I want to embrace it. I want to have it and store it so when things are turned around and we get too comfortable and we start complaining about some problems that are not even necessarily problems — problems that winning teams go through — I want to be able to reflect on these times.”

The Lakers will suit up again to play the Los Angeles Clippers on Wednesday on ESPN.

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