Rapsody & Lady London “On The Come Up” Official Lyrics & Meaning | Verified

Award-winning actress Sanaa Lathan makes her directorial debut with the Paramount+ drama On the Come Up, which premieres September 23. Based on the best-selling YA novel by Angie Thomas, the film tells the story of Brianna “Bri” Jackson, a teen rapper facing intense personal struggles while launching her career. Lathan tapped master lyricist and hip-hop veteran Rapsody and 1500 or Nothin’s Rance Dopson and Bobby Francis to serve as executive music producers, and that ensured a high level of authenticity for the all-important soundtrack.

Rapsody wrote virtually all of the freestyles heard during the movie’s rap-battle scenes, and she co-wrote “On the Come Up,” her collaboration with rising rapper Lady London that plays over the closing credits.

“She was very intentional on who she wanted to be in involved with this film, because she had the intention of being true to the culture and staying true to Angie Thomas’ story,” Rapsody tells Genius, praising Lathan for her approach to the material. With respect to “On the Come Up,” Rapsody says she and Lady London aimed to “take the lyrics from the book and incorporate them into a cadence and flow.”

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