James Earl Jones Officially Retires His Voice From Star Wars

james earl jones darth vader

Distinguished actor James Earl Jones is officially retiring from Star Wars. After 45 years of voicing ‘Darth Vader,’ Jones announced he’s officially signed his voice rights over to Lucasfilm.  

The Oscar winner first debuted his voiceover role in the original 1977 film, as the iconic Star Wars villain, giving voice to the ‘Sith Lord’ while David Prowse physically portrayed the character.

Now, sound editors will use archival recordings and an A.I. program to create new dialogue with his iconic voice.  This method has already been used in the Star Wars franchise to recreate the voice of a young ‘Luke Skywalker,’ and to mimic Darth Vader’s voice in the new show ”Obi-Wan Kenobi.”  

According to Variety, Jones has given his blessing for Lucasfilm to use his signature voice in future Star Wars content, even those made after his own passing. 


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