ed leigh – millennial falcon (episode II) | a documentary

Discover how UK-based multi-instrumentalist ed leigh reflects what he wants to see in the world. ‘millennial falcon (episode II)’ is the second part of his upcoming debut album, which will be released later this year.

Stream & free download ‘millennial falcon (episode II)’:

♫ Tracklist:
00:00 notice me
01:10 sleepless in standish
02:55 believe it
04:40 is it
06:00 more than

Watch first part of the ‘millennial falcon’ documentary here:

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» TikTok: https://ift.tt/AEbTfkB
» Soundcloud: https://ift.tt/uQndLCZ
» Spotify: https://ift.tt/bDR2ce8

Directed & edited by Andreas Lamoth: https://ift.tt/QhuwZPV
DoP: James Stier https://ift.tt/BU3pLS5

» Spotify: https://ift.tt/Z1nIkcd
» Apple Music: https://ift.tt/E29ColL
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