This Little Guy Has The Time Of His Life On This Mini Trampoline!

Stoats (or short-tailed weasel) are small carnivorous mammals of the weasel family which have chestnut fur with white underparts and a black-tipped tail. It is native to both Eurasia and North America and in northern areas, the coat turns white in winter. The stoat is a usually silent animal but can produce a range of sounds similar to those of the least weasel. Kits or baby Stoats produce a fine chirping noise. Adults trill excitedly before mating, and indicate submission through quiet trilling, whining, and squealing. When nervous, the stoat hisses and will intersperse this with sharp barks or shrieks and prolonged screeching when aggressive.

This little weasel-like creature found a mini trampoline and had a blast with it. The adorable furball can be seen bouncing around like a pro before scurrying off. Posted By Ghost

via WorldStarHipHop Media Player


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