SOURCE SPORTS: PUMA Hoops Announces Limited Edition Fusion Nitro for RJ Barrett

22AW BB Fusion Nitro PE RJ Barrett Look5 1663 RGB

The latest PUMA Hoops player edition basketball sneaker, Fusion Nitro RJ, is now available thanks to a partnership with New York Knicks forward RJ Barrett.

With a tongue that prominently features a maple leaf emblem with a number 9, the limited edition sneaker pays homage to Barrett’s background and career. The emblem connects Barrett’s Canadian heritage to his present on-court success in New York. Barrett’s nickname, “Maple Mamba,” is on the inside of the tongue. In an homage to his alma institution, Duke University, one shoe of the sneaker’s distinctive hue is red and white, like the Canadian flag, and the other is blue and white. The sock lining features Barrett’s catchphrase, “Made Different,” as a subtle reminder of his approach to every game and every day.

PUMA’s core technological innovations are combined into one outstanding sneaker with the Fusion Nitro. Nitro Foam blends supple, lightweight material with superior cushioning and unequaled rebound for their greatest bounce yet. The adaptable compression band in the flexible, designed upper locks feet firmly into the Fusion Nitro. The high abrasion, sticky rubber compound from PUMA, is used in the rubber outsole to provide complete traction when your feet touch the ground.

The Fusion Nitro RJ retails for $130 and is only offered at the PUMA NYC Flagship shop.

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