FLOW CAPTURE: A New Way to Record your Ideas

How many times have you been in the “flow state” of musical inspiration, only to lose that idea with all the setup that is required to record and capture the moment?

Spectrasonics Founder Eric Persing demonstrates Flow Capture™, an innovative new recording feature for the Omnisphere, Keyscape and Trilian Standalone apps which makes it easy to grab spontaneous musical moments from these software instruments as audio, MIDI and sound formats simultaneously.

This FREE UPDATE for all Spectrasonics Keyscape, Trilian and Omnisphere 2 users is available now. Press the “Check for Updates” button on the splash screen to get it!

More info on Flow Capture here: https://ift.tt/8sCfnDc

from SpectrasonicsVIDEO https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kj0w7FhbcWA



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