Kanye Says That New YZY SHDZ And Other Clothing Will Retail For $20, “We’re Working On Making Clothing Free”

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Kanye is currently on a plan to change the fashion world as we know it.

Ye was recently interviewed by Forbes following his split from GAP and eventual split from Adidas. In the interview, he said that the upcoming YZY SHDS sunglasses will only retail for $20 and shared plans of eventually making clothing free.

“When it’s sold in America, it’ll be made in America, and when it’s sold in China, it’ll be manufactured in China,” Ye said. “So the glasses will cost $20, and everything in the Ye Supply store will be $20. And, we’re working on how to make clothing free. Because life is free.” 

The YZY SHDS made their first appearance when Kanye wore them during his guest appearance during Lil Durk’s Rolling Loud Miami set. Since then they have been a part of an extensive celebrity marketing campaign featuring different influencers and artists. The glasses were originally a part of his collection with Yeezy Gap, however, now that his deal with them is over, he will release them on his own.

Last night, Kanye had shared a post on IG of a summary of restrictions in his Gap and Adidas deals. Even after leaving, Ye was restricted from using any designs and even his own name or “Yeezy” moniker outside of his Gap and Adidas deals.

Ye said in a interview with CNBC that he wants the glasses and other clothing of his to be sold at a $20, noting that the price points were one of the big reasons why he decided to terminate his decade long deal with Gap after only 2 years.

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