Uber-Driving Karen Calls Cops On Black Passenger After Stealing Their Charger!

A New York Uber driver picked the wrong customer to be a Karen with. Instagram user Roger Alexander posted a video on his account @A_M_Visuals documenting a confrontation with an Uber driver. The driver, who was identified as Cherla Batista, called the police on Alexander and his female companion, @_Unidegar.

She complained to the police that the couple refused to leave her car and claimed that Alexander had stolen her iPhone charger. Alexander claimed that the driver had her charger and actually stole his as well.

While most Karen situations have “my word against yours” outcomes, this driver had a dash camera recording the entire ride. And Alexander was more than ready to have NYPD review the footage.

In a voiceover, Alexander explained the situation.

“So this Karen took my charger, stuffed it under her seat, and when I told her I wasn’t leaving until she gave it back, she called the cops like it was supposed to scare the Black people away,” he said. “Now I could have just let this go. It’s just a $20.00 charger but I saw she had a dash cam recording and it was the audacity and arrogance in this woman’s voice thinking the cops were her weapon and would just automatically take her side.”

As the ordeal continued, Batista was prepared to give her best performance to the police. Posted By Ghost

via WorldStarHipHop Media Player https://ift.tt/FJL7W6u



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