Call Of Duty Streamer Lands Insane Snipe With Flute ‘Controller’

This ‘Call of Duty’ streamer @DeanoBeano landed this insane sniper headshot using a recorder converted into a controller. People have used many things as controllers from the various guitar hero instruments, to a racing game wheel. DeanoBeano took things a step further and decided to convert an actual musical instrument, no doubt taking some time and effort to build and get used to.

All of the little notes every time he moves his scope back and forth makes the final shot all the more hilarious, and the fleeting moment as his victim runs through the reticle is filled with glorious anticipation. This might be the only forgivable instance of ‘Call of Duty’ camping. After all, you can only play one note at a time, and moving around the map just wouldn’t be possible while keeping defenses up. And just landing any shot is one in a hundred, let along a snipe like this one. Posted By Ghost

via WorldStarHipHop Media Player


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