Man Killed By Police After Calling 911 Because His Car Wasn’t Working!

SILVER PLUME, Colo. (KRDO) — Newly released body camera video raises questions about police tactics during a deadly encounter with a 22-year-old man stuck on a road and multiple law enforcement agents.

According to 9News, Christian Glass called 911 on June 10 after crashing his SUV into a bush on a road in Silver Plume. He told the dispatcher that skin-walkers, witches in Navajo culture, were trying to ambush him and other cars on the highway were “out to get him.”

Glass told the operator he was scared, terrified, and saw people outside of his car.

9News reports the dispatcher warned responding deputies that Glass showed signs of paranoia. He also told the dispatcher if he got out of the car, he might be in danger.

Two Clear Creek County Sheriff’s Office deputies were the first on the scene and, according to 9News, immediately asked Glass to step out of the car. He told the deputies he was terrified and scared but was willing to throw knives out the window.

Earlier, Glass had told the dispatcher he had two knives, a hammer, a rubber mallet, and rocks in his car.

The deputy declines his offer but continues ordering Glass out of the car. Instead, Glass tells officers he needs a push to get his car free and would follow them to a station if they wanted to talk. Posted By Ghost

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