Horrible: 10-Year-Old Boy Puts Grandmother In A Headlock And Chokes Her To Death While She Was Trying To Discipline Him!

From a Chinese blog:

In a dilapidated house in a certain rural area, an old lady slapped the head of the little boy on the bed twice, making a very loud noise.

The little boy looked about 10 years old, about the same height as the old lady.

After the boy was beaten, he yelled “ctm” and punched his grandmother in the abdomen. Grandma stumbled and fell to the ground.

But the boy was reluctant, he put his arms around the old lady’s neck and pressed the old lady to the ground. While tightening her neck, she scolded, “Let you hit me, let you hit me.” The old lady couldn’t break free, so she could only slap the little boy’s butt with her slippers, but the more she patted the little boy, the tighter it became.

In the end, the old grandmother lost her strength, holding her slippers, and her whole body went limp.

You thought the person who made the video would stop it, right

However, no, the person who took the video not only did not stop it but even laughed out loud on the side. While laughing, I watched the elderly woman and the young man fight on the ground. It took a long time to hold back the laughter and say:

“Don’t fight, get up quickly.”

The little boy didn’t listen and continued to strangle the old woman’s neck.

At this time, another person walked in at the door and said, “Don’t crush your grandma to death.”

Only then did I realize that this old lady was his grandmother

But the little boy had no intention of letting go at all, blushing and roaring, “You beat me every time, saying I’m unreasonable, beat me, who is unreasonable!” Then he tightened the strength on his arms.

It went on like this for two minutes, and the person who made the video finally realized that something was wrong and went up to persuade the little boy. Posted by JR

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